Pet Touch Catnip Fun Bubbles 120ml

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Pet Touch Catnip Fun Bubbles 120ml

Treat your feline friend to endless entertainment with Pet Touch Catnip Fun Bubbles 120ml. These catnip-infused bubbles provide hours of fun and stimulation for your cat, encouraging exercise and play.

Key Features:

  • Catnip Infused: Formulated with catnip extract, these bubbles are irresistible to cats, enticing them to chase and play for hours on end.
  • Interactive Play: Create an interactive play experience for your cat by blowing bubbles and watching as they leap, pounce, and bat at the floating bubbles.
  • Stimulates Natural Instincts: The unpredictable movement of the bubbles mimics the movement of prey, stimulating your cat's natural hunting instincts and keeping them engaged and entertained.
  • Encourages Exercise: Chasing and swatting at the bubbles provides valuable exercise for your cat, helping to keep them active and healthy.
  • Safe Formula: The bubble solution is non-toxic and safe for pets, allowing your cat to enjoy playtime without any worries.
  • Convenient Size: The 120ml bottle is the perfect size for multiple play sessions, ensuring your cat always has a fresh supply of bubbles to enjoy.
  • Easy to Use: Simply blow bubbles into the air and watch as your cat leaps and plays. The lightweight bubbles float gently, providing hours of entertainment.

Bring joy and excitement to your cat's playtime with Pet Touch Catnip Fun Bubbles 120ml. With their irresistible catnip scent and playful floating bubbles, they provide endless fun and stimulation for your furry friend.

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